LCL Service

Transportation of consolidated cargo is a highly demanded service. The main advantage is the low price for LCL shipment since cargo from several senders transported in one container at once. A freight container can be involved in a complex logistics chain, delivered by one type of transport, or be subject to multimodal transportation. In all cases, consolidated cargo owners pay only for a part of the container that their goods physically occupy.

LCL Transportation as an Alternative to FCL

The main logistic task is consolidation and fast delivery of goods going in one direction. In order to optimally fill a container or truck with goods, it is necessary to have information about the weight, dimensions and technical features of each item. Some types of dangerous or specific cargo can only be transported separately. These are safety standards requirements.

Turnkey delivery of cargo includes a full range of logistics and transportation services. From the warehouse of the sender to the destination - at each stage we are responsible for the shipment and perform all the accompanying functions:

  • consolidation of cargo in the company's warehouse;
  • customs clearance;
  • shipping;
  • delivery to the destination address.

Consolidation is performed at the logistics site, taking into account the characteristics of each batch and the choice of transportation route. If the movement involves a border crossing (import/export, transit), then customs clearance of LCL shipment is performed.

The next preparatory stage is the rigging work (laying, fastening) according to the scheme approved by our specialists. After that, the container is sealed and loaded onto the vessel.

LCL Services from SV Brok

We undertake all the stages of international transportation, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your goods. Our clients often choose this service for small lots, because they can save a lot on delivery within this scheme.

LCL transportation is optimal in situations when:

  • goods and cargo from different shippers and are in different places;
  • there's a need for a trial batch of goods, small in volume and weight;
  • goods in boxes and bales, such as shoes or clothing;
  • car parts for several consignees;
  • computers, office equipment or equipment of small size.

Our experts will form the best route and decide on working moments. Each of our clients has the opportunity to receive current information abput the movement of cargo at any time.

Why to Choose Us

SV Brok will deliver any consolidated cargo to its destination with a guarantee of safety. We strictly observe the terms and conditions of the contract, undertake the implementation of complex logistical tasks.