Customs Сlearance

When shipping goods across the border, everyone faces the need for customs clearance procedures. In simple language, customs clearance means a range of services for processing all documents for the export or import of goods into the state.

The procedure for customs declaration varies slightly depending on the customs regime. But we equally quickly prepare customs documents for export, import, re-export, re-import of transit and temporary import. It is very important to have a complete list of source documents. Only in this case the process will pass quickly and will not require spending a lot of time. Many companies are involved in customs clearance in Ukraine and Kiev, but only a few provide quality and fast service. That is why it is best to work with professionals.

Customs Сlearance by SV Brok

The customs clearance procedure consists of several stages:

Preparing for declaration

First, we analyze all available data on the goods, after which we finalize the customs declaration. This document contains all the information about the goods being transported and their cargo owner.

Product Verification by Code

At this stage, a check of the commodity nomenclature of foreign trade is conducted. On the basis of this, duty rates are determined when exporting or importing. Additionally, certificates of origin may be required.

Payment of customs duties

First, a preliminary assessment of the size of all payments, as well as assistance with the payment of all necessary customs taxes and duties. After this, we can help you with the payment.

Why to Choose Us

Customs clearance is a very important stage in international transportation. Working with us means that you choose quality. We take control of all stages of interaction with customs so that you can fully concentrate on your business.