Railway Freight

Rail transportation is economical and and highly demanded type of transportation that is used to deliver goods for various purposes. Restrictions on the type and volume of cargo are minimal, so railway transportation is suitable for almost any types of cargo.

Our company performs rail transportation on international and domestic routes. We work with legal entities and individuals and guarantee prompt delivery of your goods in full safety.

Railway Transportation Made by Professionals

By rail it is advantageous to transport large quantities of goods over long distances. Depending on the characteristics of the transported items, our logistics specialists select the optimal type of container.

During transportation, our clients are provided with:

  • standard or isotherm container, refrigerator;
  • bulk tank, roller or dry-cargo version;
  • gondola cars, without top with a tarpaulin coating, with a sliding roof;
  • standard and long-base platform, half platform, etc.

It is worth considering that transportation by rail is the safest way to deliver goods. The obvious advantage is the minimum accident rate and protection from force majeure.

Rail is convenient to send the following goods:

  • raw and bulk materials;
  • food, feed and fertilizers;
  • ore, agricultural products and lumber;
  • oversized installations and equipment;
  • motor transport, knots, units, etc.

The movement of cargo can be easily traced at all stages of the path, despite the possible re-formation of the train. To save money and with small volumes of cargo, it is possible to consolidate cargoes and send them in multimodal schemes.

How We Do It

With a well-established logistics, you simply don't have to worry about anything. Each client receives a range of services, namely:

  • development of the optimal route to the final destination. Estimated need for composite loads and the attraction of other vehicles;
  • accompanying customs documents are drawn up;
  • rigging work on filling platforms or other packaging, fasteners and closures, sealing of cargo;
  • transportation to the logistics warehouse or to the destination;
  • storage in the warehouse of the transport company and delivery to the destination.

You can get the goods delivered directly to your warehouse or available for self-pickup. At the request of the client, valuable cargo can be insured on individual conditions.

Why to Choose Us

SV Brok guarantees its customers exact compliance with all clauses of the agreement. We will explain the scheme of services and perform a preliminary calculation, specify the details and draw up a route. After coordination, we will sign a contract and proceed to deliver your cargo to its destination.